Take charge of your life…everyone is too busy doing same for themselves, to do so for you”

There is a reason why some people rise and keep rising, and there is equally a reason why some never rise at all. It is called “Taking Charge” “And waiting for luck”, respectively.

I believe in destiny, yes i do. But I equally believe that we are 90% (or more) in charge of our destinies. Remember the saying that “Heaven helps those who help themselves”?

I remember back in 2013, when i was thinking of what to do with my scriptwriting talent. I needed to put that part of me out there for the world to see.( i started writing when i was 13. But my audience was few family members 😂)

I wanted to have my name on TV screens (haha). Then i did something:

In my diary, I wrote down steps to take as:

  1. Brainstorm on stories

  2. Create scripts from them

  3. Find movie producers, Directors and investors to market the scripts to.

I did not stop there, I started working towards achieving what i wrote on that page.

It wasn’t easy, but the universe confirmed what was constantly on my mind. And through my efforts, it seeing my efforts, it helped to bring out what was already deposited in me. Before the end of 2015, my name was already appearing on the TV as a Scriptwriter!…

They say that “We attract what is constantly on our minds”? But it should not end up in your mind…you must take steps towards achieving them, else you will attract and then eventually “repel” them. A dream neglected, is a dead dream.

Assuming i wrote “i want to be a Screenwriter ” in all the pages of my diary, and then took no action towards achieving that, would it have become a reality? It’s a big NO. It would have been a dream that was not allowed to see the light and it would have died.

The universe has given us all that we need and they are deposited in us. (Talent, creativity, ability to think, etc) But if we don’t give them life, they will not live.

We are responsible for the life of our destiny.

I will always use myself as an example.

If I didn’t know what i wanted at that time, and equally didn’t work towards achieving it , then no Jupiter would have brought opportunities to me. This is my belief and i am very positive that it is valid.

“It is not enough to know what we want. It is very important that we go all out to get them”

Recently, i met someone…a young, very beautiful and promising girl. (and we are friends now😊) She knows me as a writer and our discussion centred mainly on that. In the course of our discussions, she mentioned that she desired to be famous some day. She wanted her name to be a household name. I was really excited for her . Below is an excerpt from our discussion

” Why not!”, i said out of excitement. “Everyone can be anything they want to be”, I added. And then i asked her how she wanted to make that happen. Her response was : “Well I don’t know how, but I know that it would happen”.

To be honest i was put off at that moment. She started off as a very intelligent person and now this? 🙁I took some seconds to observe her and then i asked,

“Do you know what your talents are?”

“Do i have one?” She asked me.

What? 😳. I rolled my eyes at her 🙄 and then said

“Please do not mock your Maker” ”

How?”, she asked

“How could you think that you are an empty barrel? How could you think and even say that nothing was deposited in you?” She was confused as she wondered at me.

“That’s exactly what you said when you asked if you had a talent “, I explained.

“Oh!”, she laughed “But that’s true. I don’t have any talent”

“Except you are not human, because every human being has at least one talent. The fact that you haven’t discovered yours doesn’t mean that you don’t have one”, I explained.

She continued staring at me.

To cut the long story short, i was able to convince her that she had talent(s) Then I went ahead to give myself the task of helping her discover what her talents are. (We are still at it 😂).

So back to her ambitions of being famous! She had no idea how that would happen and didn’t think that it is her duty to figure that out. She didn’t even know what her talents are and from my experience , and that of others, we have 99 percent of making it in life through the help of our talents. And my friend didn’t think that she had one. Imagine that.

Having said that anyway, she may be among the very tiny percentage of people that their destinies run after them, and she may become famous like she wants to be, by just dreaming to be. Or! That may never happen and her name will never be a household name like she dreams, but will only be known by her family members and friends.

See my point?

I am still trying to figure out what this earth is made of and what keeps it going…i am not sure that I will be able to get answers to all my questions concerning that. But i know that i have got an answer to one question:

The answer is, YES, we are 90% (or more) in charge of our destiny. Or what do you think?

Let me leave you with the facts that:

Successful people take chances and risks to get to where they are.


What we become, is what we not only desire, but equally work for.

Please feel free to share your thoughts with me.

Published by Vera C

Vera is a graduate of English Studies from University of PortHarcourt, Rivers state. Nigeria. She is a creative thinker and a versatile writer. • Screenwriter • Motivational/inspirational writer • Quotes writer • Poet Vera is calm, recollected, unassuming, reserved, free spirited, but firm. Her hobbies include reading, listening to music(which is therapeutic to her), playing computer games, and trying out new recipes in the kitchen. Her philosophy of life is : Que sera, sera (Whatever will be, will be)

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