Have You Discovered Yourself?

I once ran into an old friend from high school. In the midst of our joy of reunion, we talked about life, what we had been through,the good, the bad, and the ugly. We rejoiced at the good sides of life, and lamented on how bad the economy is. I learnt that she had been without a job for the past three years. It had been hell according to her, having depended on her poor mother all those while. Mind you, she is a graduate of Business management. With a very good grade too.

She was still lamenting and slowly sipping her drink, pains and anger written all over her face.

My next question almost startled her.

“Where and where have you applied for a job so far?”

She was totally lost…gazed at me for some seconds, and then managed to mumble “where am I supposed to look for a job?”

I was shocked and a little bit disappointed in my learned friend.

From further discussions, it became clear to me that she had never applied for any job, her reason being that “if you know nobody in the society, nothing for you”

True as that might sound and seem, it shouldn’t be a reason for a young and promising graduate to give up on him/herself already.

Its like standing on the express road and saying that if you are run over by a car, then its your fate.

The worst thing anyone can do to him/herself is to stop trying;to give yourself an excuse;to give the world/society a reason to defeat you!

You can never stop trying until you breathe your last!

Sit up! Discover yourself! Nobody will do that for you! Look inside you and find out what you know how to do best, your academic status not withstanding.

It is called “discovering your talents” God is so merciful that He gave each one of us unique talent(s). What is yours? What is your passion? What gives you joy and fulfilment whenever you think about, or do it? There, might lie your talent and your means of breaking through in life.

Don’t wait for life, the society, government, your people, etc to discover you, discover yourself first and then you will be relevant. Look at our musicians, actors, comedians, etc. They discovered themselves, and made themselves relevant in the society.

Mind you, many of them were once in situations where they felt like it was over, but they didn’t give up! That’s what matters…your ability to leave a dark room, and not having been in a dark room. Rise up above societal limitations, do something  for yourself…the sky is just your starting point.

Oh! I forgot to mention. My friend that I used in the starting story discovered herself! Her passion lies in arts, and she is living happily, doing her thing. You too can do same. Its all about DETERMINATION!

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