Social network stole my privacy (part 1)

Social Networks and Privacy…this topic has been on my mind for a very long time and as i am writing this piece i ask myself, ”Why have you not written anything about this ‘HOT’ and relevant topic before now?”

Recently, there was a very disturbing encounter between two women on one of the social networks. I happened to stumble on it. The first woman, a wife ,came out publicly(as is the trend nowadays), to congratulate her husband on his birthday, and as well “boast” about how good and caring he is to her, despite the fact that they have no child after four years of being married.

Then the second woman, who identified herself by her comment, as the other woman in the first woman’s husband’s life, came out on the same discussion thread, to inform the “wife”, that she had no reason to boast about how caring and faithful her husband is, because as she wrote, ‘the same husband(whom she gave out the full names and his company name), was with her, to celebrate the same birthday which the wife happily told the world about. And that the same husband is the father of her two children…and that the gifts he got her, which she boasted about, were actually inferior  to the one the same “husband”, got her….therefore that the wife should keep quiet and stop boasting, because obviously, she is not the best thing that happened to the man-(my words)

I gathered later, from what the sister to the “wife” wrote on same thread, that the “wife” was in a deep emotional misery, after reading the message from her husband’s side chick. And was at the verge of “taking her own life”

A lot of people lashed out at the second woman, raining curses on her for her inhumane action.

Honestly, inwardly I asked myself “how could a woman do this to her fellow woman? Having her husband was not enough, you equally came out to destroy her emotionally”…but here is the big question:


This and of course other similar or even more disturbing incidents, gave an insight to this HOT topic, SOCIAL NETWORKS AND PRIVACY, ESPECIALLY AS IT CONCERNS RELATIONSHIPS, BE IT FAMILY, ROMANTIC, ETC.

Does the world need to know the people we are in relationships with?

Does the world need to be updated on every aspect of our supposedly private lives?

Are all these necessary? Do they add value to our lives, or take from them?

Different people will have different opinions about this.  I will share mine and give some advice, hoping that it will help someone make a retreat. The truth is that anything that does not add value, depreciates it….it is that simple. It can either be GOOD, or BAD. No two ways about it….

In SOCIAL NETWORKS AND PRIVACY PART 2, I will proceed with the discussion proper.

Published by Vera C

Vera is a graduate of English Studies from University of PortHarcourt, Rivers state. Nigeria. She is a creative thinker and a versatile writer. • Screenwriter • Motivational/inspirational writer • Quotes writer • Poet Vera is calm, recollected, unassuming, reserved, free spirited, but firm. Her hobbies include reading, listening to music(which is therapeutic to her), playing computer games, and trying out new recipes in the kitchen. Her philosophy of life is : Que sera, sera (Whatever will be, will be)

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