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Nobody prays to die young, but this is one thing we don’t have any control over-DEATH.

Growing up, my church  taught me that we (humans), were created by God for these purposes: TO KNOW HIM, TO LOVE HIM, TO WORSHIP HIM HERE ON EARTH, AND TO LIVE WITH HIM IN ETERNAL JOY IN HEAVEN .

 I believe in the aforementioned teaching. Especially the part where we have to live with Him in eternal joy in heaven.

The question is, how is this promise of eternal joyful life guaranteed if we don’t know God, Love Him, and Worship Him?

I can say that they are the prerequisite for the promised eternal joy-,Eternal joy comes after death.

DEATH! How we hate to think about it, or even talk about it, but the irony is that IT IS INEVITABLE. So why shy away from it?  It is one thing that we have absolutely no control over when it comes, and how!

Jesus Christ is the only way to eternal rest when death comes knocking.

It is not just about professing Him(though that is great too) But it is more about living a God-standard life. ACTION! LIVE THE WORD, DONT JUST PREACH IT.

Nobody is perfect, but we can try. His grace is sufficient for us. And by HIS grace we shall be saved.

Let’s Take a moment to ponder on how we have been living this God given life. For God, or against God?

Let’s stop all wickedness and Love one another. A life of Love, I believe, is a good life, because with love , nobody hurts another. 

Jesus said that the greatest commandment is to LOVE GOD, followed by LOVE YOUR NEIGHBOR.


I dedicate this to all my loved ones and yours that have passed.

May they continue to rest in the Lord.

Published by Vera C

Vera is a graduate of English Studies from University of PortHarcourt, Rivers state. Nigeria. She is a creative thinker and a versatile writer. • Screenwriter • Motivational/inspirational writer • Quotes writer • Poet Vera is calm, recollected, unassuming, reserved, free spirited, but firm. Her hobbies include reading, listening to music(which is therapeutic to her), playing computer games, and trying out new recipes in the kitchen. Her philosophy of life is : Que sera, sera (Whatever will be, will be)

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