The society has set certain standards and time limits for people. We are expected to do certain things at certain times and if we fail to, we are considered failures in that area.

Some of such standards include:

  • When to marry,
  • Whom to marry
  • Whom not to marry
  • what kind of a wedding to have
    when to have kids, and when not
    when to get a job and how much to earn…and so on…
  • One faulty thing about such standards is that they are set for everyone, not putting into consideration, people’s makeups…people’s personalities, people’s life values, etc.
  • We are products of our society, yes. Our society influences us greatly, i agree. But always remember that your peace of mind and happiness surpasses everything you aim to achieve by pleasing the society.
  • The society tells you what is expected of you, but is it always on the journey of life with you?

    #thinkaboutit #bewise


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