How are they formed? Why? For safety? To preserve dignity? To prevent judgements? To maintain social status?

We have all got secrets…well, if you aren’t very popular with it, you might just have one. It could be one of the things we have in common as humans…SECRETS

“I have a skeleton in my cupboard…shhh! Tell nobody about it!”…

“Never! Your secret will die with me”

Does it always work that way? Who has ever died with another’s secrets other than theirs? Well, maybe there would be such “loyal” people. Just maybe.

But a friend once said to me: “If you want to keep your secrets secret, then they must be what they are; SECRETS”

…Simple, poetic…but still very Deep words.

What are your secrets? What are the chances that they will always be secrets? How do they impact your life? Are your secrets even worth being secret in the first place? Or do you burden your heart unnecessarily by keeping them?

On the series: Secrets That Almost “Killed”, I would be sharing some of my fictional characters’ secrets, that eventually came to the open…but be warned, my chosen style of writing will not really reveal the secrets, but it will give clues, leaving you, my reader, to make a guess at what these secrets could be.

I primarily aim to entertain, but importantly, these stories will help us to:

• Reflect on life, especially what we might call the perfect life.

•Reflect on some things we take on board that weigh us down.

•Reflect on some of the unnecessary burdens we bring upon ourselves.

•Hopefully, we may be able to pick up one or two lessons that can impact our lives positively.

The first story will be about one of my most admired characters, JULIA.

See you in my next post!


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