The first decade I was two.

Too tender to recall the past

Too tender to understand life

Too tender to make sense out of life

The second decade, I was twelve

Twelve, a child, growing, but not grown yet

Twelve, yet had big dreams, but little vision

Twelve, wasn’t sure of my mission

Third decade, I call myself a WOMAN

A woman full of passion

A woman full of dreams and clear visions

A woman who has achieved and is still aspiring to achieve more

A woman whose heart is burning with a passion to make a difference

A woman old enough to reflect!

And so, as I am reflecting, I am putting them down in words as a reminder…for more decades to come!


A child i was, freshly out of primary school…and freshly exploring the world of “Adults to be”

Did anyone say puberty!? Ahhh! Puberty! Adolescence! That period of awakening.

“You are becoming a woman now”, i was told.

“A woman? I am only twelve! I am not done being a child”, I would cry.

But the echoes stuck in my head. Yes, i was growing. The more i tried to deny that fact, the more my body bursted my bubbles.

The physical changes were overwhelming. I remember always holding down my shirt to press down my little sprouting breasts…I was that self-conscious.

I wished it would go away, but alas it didn’t. I had no other option than to embrace whom i was becoming , knowing that that would never go away.

All of me was fresh and almost blank about what life was all about, still trying to make sense out of life. But, my creativity seemed to be “older” than I was. At the age of 13, I had already started writing plays. Not one, not two, but three.

Whenever i read those original manuscripts, i smile at the innocence, yet fierceness of my growing mind. Yes, i was born with it!


University days! 2010 started with a necessary growth. It marked the second year that I stayed away from the protective wings of my parents. It wasn’t easy, but I was glad. You know that weird fulfilling feeling you get when you think of yourself as “an adult”, who do not need anyone bossing them around anymore (well, for as long as you are within the confines of the Uni. Once you are back home, you are back to being the child that they will always see you as)

So,2010 was the year that I sat up and faced my studies squarely…it was the year of awakening as far as my academic life was concerned. It occurred to me that if I wanted that 1st class grade, then I had to sit up. Well, good grades were made henceforth, but not enough to get us into the 1st class train. (I am good with my 2:1 anyway)



Life was blissful, I mean, I practically had all that I wanted. Love, money, my few friends that inspired me, and my creativity. And yeah, school was pleasant too.

The years would have been perfect if in June 2011, I didn’t lose my dad. Just a day after my birthday. That was the worst June ever. Dad’s death cost me a lot…but I somehow found the courage to pick myself up and moved on.

Graduating in 2011, and just 2 months after I completed the compulsory NYSC, my first writing job came to me on a platter of gold, courtesy of my now husband, who was a friend at the time.

At my first writing job

I had a writing talent, but men!, that first job almost crushed my hopes of becoming a writer. My first direct boss didn’t believe in me…well, he didn’t believe in anyone in the team. But being a very sensitive person, I had the worst of it.

I learnt from the job, but it equally frustrated me. I just knew that I had to make a move. So, I moved…but it wasn’t a very good move. I moved from worse to worst. Where i found myself almost drained life out of me. I still ask myself, “How did you ever get in and out of that? A Miracle!

Well, I did survive, and then a good door opened up for me. I found my feet in the Nigerian Movie industry in 2005. I had one of the best growths in my life working as a screenwriter. I learnt from one of the best, my director.

My days in Nollywood i believe, opened up lots of other doors for me. [the gift of a man makes way for him]

Nollywood days
Nollywood days

But then, life wasn’t all rosy at all times, but my hopes kept me moving. I didn’t clearly see where I was going, but at least i had a fair idea.


My moment of reflection…

I sat down and reflected on how I started out as a passionate, creative, yet naive young girl in the year 2000, and how i have got to this point. I call it GROWTH. The necessary growth.

I don’t have it all, I don’t have it all fully figured out yet, but the vision is clearer and I am more than ever, positive and passionate about who I was created to BE. And I am leaving no stones unturned in “making me happen”.

Yes, we are all meant to “happen”. Bringing our gifts to the world, enriching the world with all that was bestowed on us from the beginning.

I am very proud to say that despite all odds, I am ending this decade, my third decade on earth, on a very good note. My dreams are clearly laid out before me…no time is too late, no time…

I am grateful for all the people that i met on the journey…the good, and those that came across as not so good. All lessons learnt! Those that left and those that i left. Everyone and everything came together to form this complete whole that i look at today.

How I’m starting the new decade

So, cheers to the past decades, and many happy cheers to the NEW one!

We are here to excel!

Published by Vera C

Vera is a graduate of English Studies from University of PortHarcourt, Rivers state. Nigeria. She is a creative thinker and a versatile writer. • Screenwriter • Motivational/inspirational writer • Quotes writer • Poet Vera is calm, recollected, unassuming, reserved, free spirited, but firm. Her hobbies include reading, listening to music(which is therapeutic to her), playing computer games, and trying out new recipes in the kitchen. Her philosophy of life is : Que sera, sera (Whatever will be, will be)

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