Some call it gut feeling… Some, instinct or intuition…some will say “my spirit” No matter what you call it, it refers to that “tiny” voice inside of you. That voice that speaks to you FIRST, in any situation, before any other  intellectual voice does. QUESTION TIME! DO YOU LISTEN TO THIS VOICE, OR IGNORE ITContinue reading “THE VOICE WE WERE BORN WITH…the INNER voice”

TALK ABOUT LIFE…talk about

DONT SHY AWAY FROM IT…IT WILL CERTAINLY COME. IT IS OKAY TO BE PREPARED. HOW DO YOU PREPARE? Nobody prays to die young, but this is one thing we don’t have any control over-DEATH. Growing up, my church  taught me that we (humans), were created by God for these purposes: TO KNOW HIM, TO LOVEContinue reading “TALK ABOUT LIFE…talk about”

Social network stole my privacy (part 1)

Social Networks and Privacy…this topic has been on my mind for a very long time and as i am writing this piece i ask myself, ”Why have you not written anything about this ‘HOT’ and relevant topic before now?” Recently, there was a very disturbing encounter between two women on one of the social networks.Continue reading “Social network stole my privacy (part 1)”