Social Network stole my privacy (part 2)

Starting from where I left off the other time. I ended by asking some questions, like: Does the world need to know the people we are in relationships with? Does the world need to be updated on every aspect of our supposedly private lives? If you missed the first part, you can read it here:SOCIAL NETWORKS ANDContinue reading “Social Network stole my privacy (part 2)”

A submissive wife deserves a loving husband

Keeping it short and simple…my take is this: Being submissive to her husband does not mean that a woman is weak, rather it means that she is a true child of her father (God). This is because the command to be submissive is God’s, and not man’s. Most women fear the word ‘submissiveness’ because theyContinue reading “A submissive wife deserves a loving husband”

A GOAL WORTH SETTING…is worth setting well

A quote by Bill Copeland, is my motivation for this blog topic ” Set your goals, and set them right”. Bill Copeland’s quote goes thus: “The trouble with not having a goal is that you can spend your life (time) running up and down the field, and never score” What can be truer than this?Continue reading “A GOAL WORTH SETTING…is worth setting well”