They that said that life is a race failed to add that it is a personal race…and not a competition.

You need to be SUCCESSFUL, yes…

You need to make it in life and live comfortably, another resounding YES.

But did you know that you are not doing that against anyone?

Did you know that In your race of success, you are not in any competition with anyone?

How is that?

If the race of life was a competition, then we all would have arrived here(being born) on the same day. (since competitors mostly start out at same time) Plus, we will probably also leave (die) on the same day.

But the fact that this is clearly not so, shows that life is an “individual race”.

Everyone is on his or her own track ,aiming for his or her own crown…their crown and not yours!

Don’t get me wrong, SUCCESS IS A MUST, and we all need to be successful. But how do we go about that?

It is very okay to admire the people that are doing very well on their tracks, (I don’t like using the clause “doing better than you” because that’s not the way i interpret it) . Admire them, that’s okay.

Respect them…it’s all good.

Seek their advice and maybe get some insights that can help you…that’s fantastic!

But is it okay to compete with them or feel threatened by their success?

Is it okay to feel bitter and worthless because they are “ahead” of you?

I will let you supply the answers…😊

See, because life is all about individual races , they are clearly “ahead” on their own race tracks ” and not on yours!

Here is another thing that I discovered: Sometimes we try to imitate some people that we feel are “doing better” than us…

Like I said earlier, it is very okay to admire successful people. It is equally okay to get tips from them and then adapt it to work for us. But IMITATING anyone is what I consider to be “unhealthy”

Why should i, when we are “on different race tracks?”

Remember that What makes A may mar B.

What if the person i try to imitate had “cut corners” to be at the point where he or she is, and I desperately want to be at the same point as they are, will i be able to cut the same corners?

Meanwhile I may not even know about the so called corners that they had cut and then I try to be like them through my own way(s). I certainly won’t get there. And you know how frustrating it is to see others succeed where you fail, don’t you?

And even if they are kind enough to put me through the process of cutting corners, will i be able to use the same tactics as they did?And if i am able, how do i know that it will work for me and lead me safely to the same destination as it did for them, since we are different individuals with different lives and fates.

In other words,cutting corners might have worked for them and that may be because the tracks they run on( destiny and fate), allow it. What about my own track?

Is my track a.k.a Destiny, going to allow the same trick and methods that worked for Mr or Mrs A? Even if I don’t believe in destiny, it doesn’t mean that there is no unseen force that controls the universe and our lives…

Instead of wasting my time and energy, wishing to be like others, or fighting to be “ahead of them, here’s what I do:

• I Focus on who i am and what my makeup is.

• I get familiar with the track that i am running on, (my talents, environment, available resources, etc), and then i work out the best way to get around life, using them.

This doesn’t mean that i will not learn from others, it simply means that i will not COMPETE with anybody.

Do you desperately wish to be like others, to the point that it affects your life negatively?

Do you feel like you are worth nothing because everyone else around you seems to be “doing better”?

Because i was once there, i can advise you on what worked for me and how i liberated myself from that bondage.


Get to know yourself and your gifts.

Get to know your environment and the resources (human and material), available to you and learn how to make the best out of them.

Focus on what you need, and not what others have.

Learn, but do not copy: Adapt every advice to work for you. Modify them to work for you, instead of using them the way they worked for the other person.

If you struggle with the plan then it probably isn’t right for you.

What works for John may not work for Paul…and that’s because he is John and he is Paul. Different names, different makeups different fates…

Always remember:

Life is a race, but it is an INDIVIDUAL race. You run on your tracks all by yourself, nobody is coming to run pass you.

Moving at your own comfortable pace doesn’t mean that you are lazy. It means that you understand life.

There is no need for the UNHEALTHY COMPETITIONS . It is okay if someone seems to be moving faster. Remember that they are moving fast on their tracks and not on yours. Their fastness does not mean that you are not doing well or that you will not do well in the future.

Run on your track and not on someone else’s track to avoid collisions and falls.

Run your own race on your own track and at your own pace because you have your price all to yourself.

In the race of life, everyone has their rewards…none that belongs to me will be given to you.

Before you compete or feel frustrated with your life because of someone else’s success, ask yourself two questions :


And even if I did,


Keep living and Keep winning for yourself!

Have a great November.


I keep saying this to people

“comparing yourself to others can be disastrous” …

Thankfully, today I have found a perfect picture to explain it.

We are all DIFFERENT and so are our circumstances.

A cow is big…bigger than the fish obviously, hence it might assume that it can as well do what the “smaller” fish can do [swim], or even do it better because of its size and strength , but the question is, has the cow been naturally equipped to do so?

We are on this journey on earth for different reasons and purposes, hence we have been naturally equipped differently to accomplish our goals and purposes. That’s why our lives turn out differently.

So! Next time when you want to compare yourself to another, remember THE COW AND THE FISH 😊😊😊

Have a beautiful day.